T.J. Noonan/Owner
My life has always been involved with music and entertainment. So as a disc jockey I am in my element. DANCE TUNES provides disc jockey entertainment for great client who later become great friends. I want people who hire me or this great group of guys, to be happy with our service and what us back year after year.

 I starting DJing in 1983, my first wedding reception was in 1988 and the philosophy in preparing for that first wedding still holds true today. It is based on working together with that special couple in creating the entertainment for a memorable reception. From a conservative gathering to an outgoing celebration DANCE TUNES do it all. Entertaining for your event is the reason I started in the industry, to people have a good time. My personalityof being a rofessional disc jockey will lend itself to making it al

Joe Tirrell
Now in my 40's, I am still young at heart. My two most important things are being a father of two great kids and being a Disc Jockey.

For the past 20 years it has always been most important to me that the client is happy with what I provide from a wedding reception or school dance to a local club, being a entertainer for that event.  I want my audience to have a great time. Have the music request flowing, people dancing to great songs and clients praised for a great party.  We need to act on impulse sometimes, to be more than just the disc jockey. We called upon to be the coordinator. And with that comes from experience in what we do and knowing our clients. I have always done my best, and I will do my best for you.

Dan Chrisis
As a DJ, I believe a party should be filled with visceral festivity. I enjoy whipping up a crowd into a frenzy, as I feed it's energy and begin to move like a whirling dervish not only behind the booth, but moving into the crowd and dancing along with everyone.  I am of Greek heritage, and like a true Greek, I have been dancing since I was a toddler.  One of my favorite parties is, of course, a "Big Fat Greek Wedding", which I specialize in. Other strengths of mine include my ability to pay close attention to the crowd at all times, and the fact that I have played for varied clientele with wide-ranging musical tastes. 

Again, I enjoy getting involved with the crowd, keeping the party energized. I believe that everyone should be dancing, for it is one of the most freeing experiences in the world, and I enjoy bringing that momentary sense of unadulterated bliss to the people I play for. This is my own personal reward.